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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning (SAIL)

SAIL is an action research project that has been explored as a possible process for assessing institutional learning outcomes using faculty communities of practice, course-embedded assignments, and shared institutional rubrics.

The SAIL project is intended to inform options for assessing student achievement of institutional learning outcomes. It's potential role within TRU's model for continuous learning outcomes and assessment and curricular review is currently being explored.

SAIL is designed to align with TRU’s six principles for learning outcomes and assessment:

  1. Growth and learning-oriented
  2. Equitable and learner-centered
  3. Faculty-driven
  4. Ongoing cyclical improvement
  5. Purposeful and holistic design
  6. Reflexive approach to learning

The Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning: Practitioner Handbook was developed jointly by the Office of Quality Assurance and the Assurance of Learning subcommittee, which co-reports to the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee and to the Teaching and Learning Committee. The Handbook documents the action research project, including the findings and future considerations, and provides a step-by-step guide for implementing a SAIL initiative within an educational setting.

Contact SAIL Coordinators

Lorry-Ann Austin, Chair, Assurance of Learning Committee, Associate Professor, EDSW,

Alana Hoare, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Education,

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