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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Faculty Excellence Award

TRU recognizes up to three faculty members who represent the best qualities of instruction and/or instructional support. Nominees for the Faculty Excellence Award may be full-time, part-time, or sessional faculty and must have been employed at TRU for at least five continuous years.

Award winners will receive an engraved plaque plus the opportunity to attend a conference or professional development activity of their choice (to a maximum of $2,000). Recipients must use this award within a two-year period from the date of the award.

Awards will be presented at the President's Annual Merit and Service Award reception.

The awards process has two Stages:

Stage 1: Members of the campus community are invited to nominate faculty members who demonstrate a commitment to instruction/ instructional support and educational leadership. Nominators will be asked to describe the faculty members’ impact on students, innovation, and campus leadership. Anyone is permitted to nominate a faculty member, and all completed nomination forms will be accepted.

Nominations will close on Thursday, December 21, 2023

Sample Nomination Form  

Submit a Nomination

Stage 2
: Faculty members who meet the eligibility criteria will be asked if they would like to accept the nomination and submit a full award portfolio. Supporting documentation must be uploaded before the February deadline. Faculty who are not nominated in Stage 1 are still encouraged to self-nominate and are welcome to submit portfolios.

Deadline to upload full portfolio is Wednesday, February 14, 2024 

Description & Criteria  

Portfolio Upload Link

Previous Winners

Year Recipient
2023 Bruno Cinel
Brian Heise
Saskia Stinson
2022 Roxane Letterlough
David Carter
Alex Church
2021 Michelle Borgland
Jenni Karl
Stan Miles
2020 Sharon Brewer
Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham
Candace Walker
2019 Karen Densky
Jenna Goddard
Chris Hunt
2018 Patricia Neufeld
Iain Stewart-Patterson
Warveni Jap
2017 Lisa Cooke
Jonathan Van Hamme
2016 No Award
2015 Mohammad Mahbobi
Prasad Ravi
2014 Robin Reid
2013 Tony Bell
Krista Lussier
Mohamed Tawid
2012 Renee Anderson
Rick Brewster
2011 No Awards
2010 Lyn Baldwin
Lian Dumouchel
Cynthia Ross Friedman
2009 Jan Duerden
Thomas Dickinson
Ivan Desjardins
2008 Hasnat Dewan
Phillip Schettini
Dave Tomkins
2007 Lynne Wiltse
Peter Tsigaris
Sandra Vermeleun
2006 Kevin O'Neill
Rishma Vedd
2005 Joanne Jones
David DiFrancesco
Grant Larson
2004 Maureen Smith
Giselle Kolaric
David Edwards
2003 Alex Forbes
Marilyn White
Richard Paweska
2002 Cathy Hall-Patch
Karen Abbott
Bruce Baugh
2001 Diane Wells
Linda Deutschmann
Nancy Flood
2000 Sharon Simpson
Peter Murphy
Genevieve Later
1999 Michael Gorman
Carole Keyworth
Dan Thompson
1998 Henry Hubert
John Karakatsoulis
Don Lawrence
Will Daley
Cheryl Lyall
1997 Doug Baleshta
Trish Archibald
Duane Breitkreitz
1996 Don Johnson
Linda McMillan
Denis Morin
Tom Walton
1995 Marg Bangen
Doug Bickley
Al Green
Wayne Hollingshead
Jim Miller
1994 No Awards
1993 Stan Bennett
Jim Totten
John McIntosh
Art Meger
1992 David Edwards
Joe Strumecki
Carolynne Fardy
Brenda Mathews
Moe Granger
1991 Les Batchelor
Bill Martin
Jack Bradshaw
Ginny Ratsoy
1990 Ralph Finch
Dawn Patterson
Gene Turney
Roland Cobb
1989 Dave Williams
Amy Doi
1988 Don Campbell
David Ranson
John Ciriani
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