Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Learning outcomes are direct statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of a course or program of study. They focus on transferable knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be evaluated and assessed.

In accordance with TRU’s Academic Plan, TRU is committed to measuring and improving the student academic experience by ensuring that all course and program level learning outcomes are clearly defined, evaluated and measured.

The Centre is proceeding with implementation of the initiative, supporting faculties and departments as they develop learning outcomes for their courses and programs.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Advisory Committee

The Provost and Vice-President Academic established a Learning Outcomes and Assessment Advisory Committee (LOAAC) in March 2013. It was comprised of faculty and staff from across campus to develop a learning outcomes and assessment initiative for TRU. The LOAAC Plan was completed and approved for implementation in May 2014.

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