About CELT

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching promotes teaching excellence for all TRU faculty members.

The centre supports faculty in their work to develop innovative and engaging pedagogies and programs across the university communities to improve student learning, recruitment, transition and retention.



The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching will:

  • recognize, support, and develop expertise in learning innovations pan-institutionally;
  • be the academic catalyst that advances collective practice, academic expertise and distinctive institutional excellence in learning so that TRU can excel in exemplary learning opportunities;
  • operate as the centre of resources for learning innovation and engagement across TRU learning environments;
  • provide opportunities for faculty at TRU and beyond to engage with the centre as scholars of innovation learning engagement;
  • promote the generation, dissemination, and assess of new knowledge of innovation and engagement in learning; and
  • employ a continuous improvement model for all activities of the centre.

Values and goals

A core value of the centre is to recognize that faculty members across all divisions and units are professional instructors, and the centre’s purpose is to provide continual professional development opportunities. The centre works to build a TRU community of teachers, rather than being the centre of activity.

The centre is responsive to:

  • All levels of learners (e.g. adult basic education, diploma, trades foundation and apprentices, degrees, and graduate degrees)
  • All programs
  • All delivery modes (e.g. classroom, blended, flipped, web-based, experiential, independent study)
  • All instructors (full- and part-time campus instructors, Open Learning Faculty Members, instructional designers and teaching assistants)

CELT staff

Staff Pictures

Dr. Catharine Dishke Hondzel


HL 220 | 250-377-6012 | cdishke@tru.ca


Catharine Dishke joined TRU as the Director of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Thompson Rivers University in 2017. She holds a PhD in educational psychology (Western University) and an MA in applied social psychology (Windsor). Her work as an educational developer centres on appreciative faculty development, undergraduate research, experiential learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Catharine’s research projects have examined the role of teaching and the environment in fostering creativity; retention, completion and well-being in trades training; and faculty and student perceptions of teaching cultures at research-intensive universities.


Carolyn Ives

Coordinator, Learning and Faculty Development

HL 224 | 250-828-5171 | cives@tru.ca


Carolyn Ives holds an MA in English (University of Saskatchewan) and is a former faculty member in English at MacEwan University and in English and Modern Languages at Thompson Rivers University. Her work shifted to educational development in recent years through her roles as Academic Integrity Officer and then Curriculum Planning and Development Coordinator at MacEwan. Her professional interests include curricular integration of sustainability, diversity, and academic integrity; outcomes creation and assessment; the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL); and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Carolyn Hoessler 2

Dr. Carolyn Hoessler

Coordinator, Learning and Faculty Development



Carolyn Hoessler is an award-winning educational developer, Credentialed Evaluator (CE) with the Canadian Evaluation Society, and national consultant in evaluation, experiential learning and higher education. With over 15 years in educational development, Carolyn H. enjoys consulting and facilitating discussions on program learning outcomes to highlight the strengths of your program, SoTL to evidence and explore your teaching, and aligned course design and experiential learning to focus and strengthen your students’ learning. Furthering knowledge and practice, Carolyn H. teaches evaluation, data analysis, and research methods; and collaborates in SSHRC-funded interdisciplinary research for human-nature connection for sustainability, experiential learning outcomes, and change in teaching and learning.

Lorri Weaver

Lorri Weaver

Coordinator, Learning and Faculty Development



Lorri Weaver is the newest member of the CELT team, joining us in March 2021. She has enjoyed supporting teachers in enhancing their instructional teachniques and curriculum design during her previous career in the Canadian Forces. Lorri's professional interests include creating and supporting communities of inquiry; curriculum and assessment design; and, activity and scenario-based learning. She holds a MEd (TRU), a Graduate Diploma in Technology-Enhanced Learning and Design (Royal Roads University), and an MSc in Human Factors (Loughborough University).

Teresa Dickmeyer

Teresa Dickmeyer

Office Coordinator

HL 228 | 250-828-5272 | celt@tru.ca

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