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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Course-based Portfolio

Course-based Portfolio creation is a process that allows students to earn credit for specific courses through the demonstration of their learning derived from various kinds of non-formal and/or experiential learning acquired. Typically, there are no official transcripts to validate this type of learning; therefore, students have the option to present their learning through writing, research, and evidence that potentially allows for assessment and ultimately, credits.


A Course-based Portfolio includes the following components:

1. Cover Letter

2. Table of Contents (optional)

3. Written responses to the course learning outcomes

4. Reference List

5. Appendix (as applicable)


Upon recommendation to create Course-based Portfolios, students are given guidance and detailed information to assist in portfolio creation. Students create one portfolio per course challenge and work on the portfolios one course at a time.

Learn more about the PLAR process or contact the PLAR Advisors.



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