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NURS 3651: Return to Registered Nurse Practice

This course analyzes the participant's previous Registered Nurse work experience, and enables them to return to a position of practice suitable to their level of education and experience. Participants focus on redeveloping their confidence and competence. In addition, this course serves to help establish the participant's ability to resume the responsibilities of a Registered Nurse within a familiar yet evolving client context (individuals, families, groups, or communities). This course supports the participant's capacity to practice nursing according to the Health Professions Act, and is facilitated by students offering health care that promotes, maintains, or restores health and prevents, treats, or palliates illness or injury. Students apply their nursing knowledge and skills in the assessment, planning and implementation of nursing interventions and in health service coordination.

Learning outcomes

By working through the learning activities in this course, students will:

  • Uphold the BCCNM standards of nursing practice and professional conduct
  • Apply health and healing knowledge from a health-promotion perspective in relation to actual and anticipated client health issues using a recognized clinical decision-making process that incorporates various ways of knowing
  • Demonstrate evidence-informed nursing practice
  • Maintain and advocate the ethical standards associated with the nursing profession
  • Practice from a perspective of collaborative leadership wherein nursing service is provided within the context of a health-care team
  • Demonstrate relational practice skills in the provision of competent nursing
  • Demonstrate self-directedness and accountability for maintaining professional competence and fitness to practice

Course topics

A. Preceptorship

B. Preparing for a Preceptorship

C. Roles and Responsibilities

D. Strategies for Success

E. Selected TRU-OL RRNP Policies

F. Assignment File

G. Forms

Required text and materials


Students are recommended to acquire a textbook related to the specifics of their related practicum including clients and location. A foundational textbook in one of the following is recommended: Critical Care, Emergency, Gerontology, Maternity and Women's Health, Medical, Surgical, Oncology, Pediatric, Psychiatric-Mental Health, Public Health, Community Health or Home Health.

Additional requirements

  • A current Criminal Record Check (within 1 year of registering in NURS 3651)
  • A current CPR - (HCP) Certificate (within 1 year of registering in NURS 3651)
  • HSPnet Consent Form completed and submitted
  • Upon recommendation of the Program Coordinator or Academic Director, NURS 3661 can become a pre-requisite when potential program participants opt for a preceptored practice placement in an area of nursing wherein they have little or no previous education or employment experience.
  • In the event the potential participant is placed in a practice setting that frequently admits clients for purposes of respiratory isolation and for which such a placement may require an N95 Mask Fit Testing, the associated testing and costs are the responsibility of the student.
  • In the event the potential participant is placed in a practice setting that requires a non-violent crisis intervention certificate, such as offered by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), cost of this training is the responsibility of the student.
  • In the event that the potential participant is to be placed in a practice setting for which they have limited educational or work experience they are required to take a theoretical course to support this practice transition prior to registering in NURS 3651.
  • Stethoscope.


This practice-based course is graded as Complete (COM) or No Credit Granted (NCG). All evaluation components must be completed adequately as determined by the Open Learning Faculty Member. The Final (summative) Practice Appraisal written by the student and preceptor will be considered by the Open Learning Faculty Member prior to assigning a final grade. The Open Learning Faculty Member will submit a recommendation to the Associate Dean, Nursing regarding the student outcome (Grade: COM or NCG) for this practice course.

Assessment activities included are:

  1. A satisfactory pre-placement Self-assessment and Learning Plan. The student will review and update their HLTH 3611 Learning Activity with respect to Self-Assessment and Learning Plan Development using BCCNM documents (Entry Level Competencies, Practice Standards for RNs and Scope of Practice: Standards, Limitations & Conditions, Requisite Skills & Abilities), the NURS 3651 Practice Appraisal Form and BCCNM Continuing Competency resources.
  2. Participation in three telephone conferences (audio or video) between the Open Learning Faculty Member, student and preceptor
  3. Completion of the Self-Directed Clinical Orientation Activity
  4. Submission of the updated Clinical Practice Log weekly.
  5. Midterm Practice Appraisal (on completion of 150 hours)
  6. Final Practice Appraisal (on completion of a minimum of 300 hours)

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Students will receive the necessary contact information at the start of the course.

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