NURS 3643: Principles and Skillfulness: Lab

This laboratory experience is designed for students to develop and demonstrate the day-to-day technical skills required for safe nursing practice introduced in NURS 3641. Participants are required to demonstrate knowledge of the principles of various nursing skills and to demonstrate their ability to perform skills safely. Attendance at a face-to-face laboratory workshop to demonstrate safe nursing practice in a simulated environment is required.


  • To advance participant's knowledge in the safe performance of psychomotor skills common to nursing practice
  • Extend participant's ability to promote safe nursing practice for self and others
  • Enhance participant's ability to teach skills to others based on the principles of assigning delegating nursing tasks, evidence-informed decisions and best practice guidelines
  • Promote participant's inquiry skills and resourcefulness
  • Refresh participant's critical thinking in relation to math for medications
  • Augment participant's communication skills

Course outline

  • History Taking and Physical Assessment Skills
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Math
  • Fluid Balance and Enteral - Parenteral Nutrition
  • Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy
  • Elimination
  • Infection Control
  • Wound Care
  • Pain Management
  • Charting - Documenting
  • Health Care Informatics

Required text and materials

Required textbooks and Lab Kit for NURS 3643 have been provided in HLTH 3611 and NURS 3641.


The student will be evaluated as Complete (COM) or No Credit Granted (NCG) in this competency-based Lab. The Open Learning Faculty Member will use Skill Performance Checklists to evaluate students' completion of skills. These are pre-determined skills checklists based on pre-established key steps and elements in skills from the text book for this course. Peer evaluation will also be used to evaluate skills.

Open Learning Faculty Member

Open Learning Faculty Member interactions in the Laboratory course are face to face. Students can communicate with the Open Learning Faculty Member by regular mail, e-conferencing, phone and e-mail.

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