HUMS 1671
Social Service Field Practicum

6.0 Credits


An understanding of field practice is a crucial component of social service worker training, as generalist social service workers are exposed to a great variety of problem situations in the course of their duties. This course is designed to prepare students for work by providing actual observation and practical acquaintance with social service work in their community. A combination of 210 hours of fieldwork and home study helps students to integrate theory and knowledge into their practice.

Delivery Method

Web-based. With the assistance of Open Learning Faculty Member support and agency supervision, students complete self-study course work, in conjunction with assigned tasks, while attending the field practicum.


This course is only available to students who have been admitted to the Social Service Worker Certificate program, and who have successfully completed the entrance requirements for admission to the program and all other required courses in the program.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: :

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the range of social service organizations in your own community and demonstrate detailed knowledge of one agency.
  • Practice the role of a team member within a social service organization.
  • Demonstrate beginning level professional skills appropriate to social service practice.
  • Apply theory and skills learned in the independent study components of this course.
  • Gain experience in supplying and receiving constructive criticism..

Course Outline

The course is divided into eight modules, each one covering different aspects of practice, and mid and final evaluation:

  • Pre-Work: To be completed as part of the process to secure a practicum prior to registration in the course.
  • Module 1: Getting Started as a Reflexive Social Services Worker
  • Module 2: Professional Boundaries and Ethics in Social Service Work
  • Module 3: Building Effective Relationships with Colleagues, Peers and Supervisors
  • Module 4: Values and Theory in Action - Your Evolving Practice Framework
  • Mid Evaluation Module
  • Module 5: Addressing Diversity in Practice
  • Module 6: Building an Aboriginal Social Service Practice Framework
  • Module 7: Wellness and Self-care: An 'Ethical Imperative' in Social Service Practice
  • Module 8: Closure and Wrap-up
  • Final Evaluation Module

Maximum Completion

15 weeks minimum and 30 week maximum.

Required Text and Materials

Students will receive all course materials including the textbook in their course package.

Drolet, J., Clark, N., & Allen, H. Shifting sites of practice: Field education in Canada. Toronto: Pearson , 2012.
Type: ISBN 0137013418 / 9780137013418

Additional Requirements

Access to a video camera is required.

Computer with Internet is required.

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Primary communication is through Blackboard's "Mail" tool or by phone. You will receive the necessary contact information when you start your course.


To complete this course you must pass the Learning Contract, mid-term, and the final evaluation. Please note that for this course to apply to the completion of your Social Service Worker Certificate, you must obtain a grade of 60%, or higher, overall in the course. The following table illustrates how your final grade will be determined for this course:

Assignment 1A - Learning Contract - draft * 10%
Assignment 1B - Learning Contract - final* 10%
Mid-term Evaluation* 10%
Assignment 2 20%
Assignment 3 20%
Assignment 4 20%
Final Evaluation* 10%
Total 100%

*mandatory course component