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HLTH 1001: Health 2: Lifestyle and Choices

Students are introduced to a holistic concept of health and the components of a health-enhancing lifestyle. Participants are invited to reflect on their own experience of health while recognizing challenges and resources that can impact lifestyle choices. Students are also introduced to a model that is applied to understanding the multi-faceted aspects of health and healing.

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the interrelationship of physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual dimensions and the twelve Determinants of Health.
  • Display an understanding of the complexity of the change process in relation to health promotion.

Course topics

  • Module 1: Health as a Process
  • Module 2: Physical Health
  • Module 3: Emotional Health
  • Module 4: Social and Spiritual Dimensions of Health
  • Module 5: The Lifestyle Change Process

Required text and materials

This is a companion course to HLTH 1051. If you did not take HLTH 1051 and don't already own the required materials, you will need to purchase them. To do so, you may send an email to or by phone at 1.888.663.1653. (toll free in Canada) or 250-852-7000 (local and international)

  1. Sorrentino S. A., Remmert, L., Wilk M. J., (2018) Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker. (4th edition) Elsevier/Mosby Inc.
    Type: E-Textbook. ISBN: 9781771720434
  1. Sorrentino S. A., Remmert, L., Wilk M. J., (2018) Workbook to Accompany Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker. (4th edition) Elsevier/Mosby Inc.
    Type: Workbook. ISBN: 9781771721271
  1. Mosby Inc. Clinical Skills: Skills for Nurse Assisting. (1st edition). Elsevier/Mosby Inc., 2018.
    Type: Online Access Code. ISBN: 9780323581899


Please be aware that should your course have a final exam, you are responsible for the fee to the online proctoring service, ProctorU, or to the in-person approved Testing Centre. Please contact with any questions about this.

Assignment 1: Stress Journal Project 25%
Assignment 2: Lifestyle Change Project 35%
Final Examination (mandatory) 40%
Total 100%

Students in the Health Care Assistant Program must achieve a minimum grade of 70% on the mandatory final exam and in the course overall. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% in each required theory course and a COM (complete) for the competency based portions of laboratory and practicum courses to pass the program. Students must pass each course to continue in the program.

Students cannot re-write failed assessments and, if unsuccessful on a second attempt at any course, will be asked to withdraw from the program. All Program courses must be completed within 3 years of initial course enrolment.

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Students will receive the necessary contact information at the start of the course.

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