EDDL 5151: Managing Your Technology Classroom

Participants will explore a variety of methodologies, tools and technologies to enhance teaching and learning in their specific educational context. They will engage in critical discourse about the use of information technology in a number of different educational settings, evaluate the resources available to them, and develop strategies to make the most effective use of those resources for themselves and their students.


  • Identify a variety of contemporary issues in technology-enhanced learning and digital learning environments.
  • Critically examine implications of contemporary issues in specific aspects of technology-enhanced learning and digital learning environments.
  • Explore relationships between contemporary issues and pedagogical approaches.
  • Interpret research literature to situate issues in the context of current and historical discourses.
  • Analyze a selection of issues in technology-enhanced and digital learning environments to a specific selected problem setting.

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Learning Technology and Media
  • Unit 2: Social and Ethical Issues
  • Unit 3: Open Educational Practices
  • Unit 4: Learning Design and Delivery
  • Unit 5: Contemporary Issues in Technology-Enhanced and Digital Learning Environments

Required text and materials

All required resources are available free of charge online.


To successfully complete this course, students must achieve a passing grade of 70% or higher on the overall course, and 70% or higher on the mandatory Final Project

Assignment 1: ePortfolio and Blog Posts 20%
Assignment 2: Team Presentation 20%
Assignment 3: Discussion Posts and Participation 10%
Final Project: Major Project Paper * 50%
Total 100%

* Mandatory

Open Learning Faculty Member

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Primary communication is through the Learning Environment’s “Mail” tool or by phone. Students will receive the necessary contact information at the start of the course.

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