PADM 4779
Strategic Planning and Implementation

3.0 Credits


This course (UVIC ADMN 477), Strategic Planning and Project Management, examines the strategic planning processes and how strategic goals can be implemented in public sector organizations. Strategic planning topics include: stakeholder analysis; developing mission, values and vision statement; environmental scanning; transforming strategic plans into policies and programs; management tactics; and assessing organizational performance. Implementation topics include: deploying resources; quality control; strategic communication; budgeting; team building; problem solving; progress assessment; completion; and evaluation.


Third-year university standing is recommended.

Note: Credit will be given for only one of PADM 4779 (UVIC ADMN 477), UVIC ADMN 411 or 412, PADM 4779 (UVIC ADMN 577), and PADM 4709 (UVIC ADMN 470) (if taken in the same topic).

Delivery Method



Computer with Internet is required. Refer to


Materials are available from the UVic bookstore and are not included in the course fees.


4 months

Note: This paced course is delivered by the University of Victoria. UVIC courses are offered in September, January and May. This course may not be offered every semester. Space is limited and early registration is advised.