PADM 4229
Ethical Public Management

3.0 Credits


This course (UVic ADMN 422) (previously known as BBUS 4229/BBUS 422/ADMN 422) is an exploration of value and and ethical dilemmas that confront public and quasi-public sector officials in the workplace. The course focuses on process dilemmas related to political neutrality, confidentiality, privacy, fairness, and accountability as well as issues related to good, just, and legitimate public policy. Students have an opportunity to develop their own moral reasoning skills and apply them in case studies.


Third-year university standing is recommended.

Note: Only one of ADMN 422 and UVIC ADMN 554 may be taken for credit. UVic will assign each student an ID number. Please allow time for this process, and ensure that your email information is up to date.

Delivery Method



Computer with Internet is required. Refer to


Materials are available from the UVic bookstore and are not included in the course fees.

Note: This paced course is delivered by the University of Victoria. UVIC courses are offered in September, January and May. This course may not be offered every semester. Space is limited and early registration is advised.