PADM 3169
Written Communications in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors

3.0 Credits


This course (UVIC ADMN 316) includes such topics as how to analyze a communication task; identify the topic, purpose, and audience; write and edit professionally, with a good command of standard written English and principles of plain language; gather, paraphrase, summarize, analyze, or interpret complex information from print and electronic sources; describe complex policies and procedures; apply the principles of document structure and design; write proposals; and design and develop the types of documents required in the public and non-profit sectors.


Third-year university standing is recommended.

Note: Students with credit for ENGL 1071 or UVIC ENGL 302 may not take this course for further credit.

Delivery Method



Computer with Internet is required. Refer to


Materials are available from the UVic bookstore and are not included in the course fees.


4 months

Note: This paced course is delivered by the University of Victoria. UVIC courses are offered in September, January and May. This course may not be offered every semester. Space is limited and early registration is advised.