PADM 3109
Public Sector Economics

3.0 Credits


This course (UVIC ADMN 310) introduces the principles of microeconomics for public-sector policy analysis and management. Students are introduced to economic principles, including supply and demand, household behaviour and consumer choice, production, labour and capital markets, competition policy and regulation, market failures and government intervention, income distribution and taxation. Topics also include the national income and expenditure accounts, and unemployment and inflation.


Third-year university standing is recommended.

Note: Only one of PADM 3109 (UVIC ADMN 310), UVIC ADMN 403, UVIC ECON 103 or 201, or UVIC ENGR 280 (if taken before May 2012) may be taken for credit.

Delivery Method



Computer with Internet is required. Refer to


Materials are available from the UVic bookstore and are not included in the course fees.


4 months

Note: This paced course is delivered by the University of Victoria. UVIC courses are offered in September, January and May. This course may not be offered every semester. Space is limited and early registration is advised.