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COMP 2681: Web Site Design and Development

This student will be introduced to major client-side web application design and development applications including HTML, HTTP, Java Script programming, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss fundamental web design concepts and the related challenges
  • Design, develop, implement and maintain:
    • Typical static web pages with current web-related technologies
    • Dynamic web pages with current web-related technologies
  • Design, develop, implement and complete web project

Course topics

COMP 2681: Web Site Design and Development includes the following modules:

  1. Brief Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW)
  2. Getting Started with HTML5
  3. Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  4. Designing a Page Layout
  5. Graphic Design with CSS
  6. Designing for the Mobile Web
  7. Working with Tables and Columns
  8. Designing a Web Form
  9. Enhancing a Website with Multimedia
  10. Getting Started with JavaScript
  11. Exploring Arrays, Loops, and Conditional Statements
  12. Working with Events and Styles
  13. Working with Document Nodes and Style Sheets

Required text and materials

Students will receive the following:

  1. Carey, P.M. (2018) New perspectives: HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. (6th ed.) Cengage Learning. Type: Textbook. ISBN: 978-1-305-50392-2.

Additional requirements

A text editor such as Notepad++


Please be aware that should your course have a final exam, you are responsible for the fee to the online proctoring service, ProctorU, or to the in-person approved Testing Centre. Please contact with any questions about this.

To successfully complete this course, students must achieve a passing grade of 50% or higher on the overall course and 50% or higher on the mandatory Final Exam.


Assignment 1: Critical Thinking (5%)

Assignment 2: Layout Design (5%)

Assignment 3: Web Form Design (5%)

Assignment 4: Splash Screen (5%)

Assignment 5: Adding Comments to a Blog (5%)

Test (Modules 1 to 8) 10%
Project 25%
Final Exam (mandatory) 40%
Total 100%

Open Learning Faculty Member Information

An Open Learning Faculty Member is available to assist students. Students will receive the necessary contact information at the start of the course.

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