ANES 0011
Anesthesia Assistant Placement Exam

0 Credit


Registration in ANES 0011 allows students to write the placement exam for the Anesthesia Assistant program. Once registered, students have 30 weeks to write the exam.

Delivery Method

Students must apply to write the exam in a TRU-OL invigilated centre. For assistance, contact Enrolment Services or your program advisor.


Formal admission to the Anesthesia Assistant program is required before registering in ANES 0011.


The placement exam determines the student's course of studies.

  • Students who pass the four subject areas of the exam will complete the 4 core courses of the program prior to their clinical practicum.
  • Students who are unsuccessful on the exam must take the support course that relates to the failed subject area from the placement exam.
  • Students may choose to take all four support courses rather than writing the exam.

Maximum Completion

30 weeks.

Required Text and Materials

Refer to the placement exam competencies' attachment emailed by your Program Co-ordinator (may be available on Blackboard) - formerly called the pre-entrance exam.


In order to pass this course you must obtain at least 60% on the final examination and at least 60% overall. The exam is a 100-question multiple-choice exam with 25 questions in each subject area. ANES 001 will appear on the TRU-OL transcript with a grade of COM, which indicates that the exam has been written, or DNC (did not complete), which indicates that the exam was not written in the allotted 30-week time frame.