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Makerspace Faculty Grant (MSFG)

Proposals are invited from University Instructors, tenure-track, and tenured faculty who are interested in enhancing and building the classroom experience by adopting or experimenting with instructional approaches that challenge, support, and encourage students using technologies and modalities supported by the TRU Makerspace. This proposal must be scoped and designed to work with the pedagogical and logistical framework of the makerspace, including not interfering with access to the space by other users and centering hands-on learning, user choice, and autonomy. In addition, faculty can use this grant as a ‘proof of concept’ for other applications for curriculum changes both within and outside of the makerspace, and for future funding.

The support provided by this grant is focused on supporting students as partners in roles such as co-designers, co-researchers, student project managers, or as research assistants. All grant awardees will work with the Makerspace Librarian to help identify and manage the scope and outcomes of the project, work with CELT Coordinators to ensure strong pedagogical connections in their work and join the TRU Makerspace Community of Practice (CoP) as an active and engaged Makerspace mentor.

Important: A Letter/Note of support from the Makerspace Librarian or designate indicating a confirmation of consultation on the project proposal is required as part of the application process.

Successful applicants may receive up to $2,000. We anticipate offering three awards a year.

Deadline: October 1, 2022

Results: Awards will be announced by Mid-October. Projects begin on November 1 and end June 30 of the following year.

Final reports are due after the project has ended.

All grant funds must be used (and receipts submitted) no later than March 1, 2023.

Duration: Approximately 7 months (with interim report at 3 months and final at 7 months); Projects needing time beyond one year can apply for an extension for the project (on a case-by-case approval basis), in writing to CELT, at least six weeks before the end of the project (June 30, 2023); however, funds should be spent in the timeframe for which the grant was awarded.

Criteria and Sample Application Form 
(application form is sample only)

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