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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Envision TRU encompassed five phases from March 2019 to April 2020. Each phase was intended to move the project from broad through increasingly focused stages of input. Although we initially anticipated overlapping phases, our experience revealed that each phase could be effectively concluded within its own distinct time-frame, with the next phase directly following it. Based on our experience we have reconfigured the Envision TRU timeline as follows:

Focus: Broad input from key stakeholders on what they valued about TRU and what they thought TRU needed to focus on for the next ten years.

March 27 - June 30, 2019

Focus: Verification of input with key stakeholders to record what they felt was missing from the Phase 1 emergent themes.

July 1 - Oct. 8, 2019

Focus: Clarify approval requirements at joint open governance meeting of Senate, Board and PCOL. IPE prepares Final Report of Findings from all Envision TRU consultations from March 27 to Oct. 8. Hold two working sessions to (i) determine the criteria for a good vision, values and strategic goals, and (ii) develop a long list of possible directions for TRU’s new vision, values and strategic goals based on the Final Report of Findings. With the support of the senior executive and a writing team, the president draws on the above materials to develop a first draft of the vision, values and strategic goals.

Oct. 5 - Dec. 15, 2019

Envision TRU Phase 3 Large Group Working Session #1: The Requirements for a good Vision, Values and Priorities
Envision TRU Phase 3 Large Group Working Session #2: From Consultation Findings to Institutional Directions

Focus: Input from senior executive and other stakeholder groups on President’s draft vision, values and strategic goals. Final draft prepared for presentation to governance bodies.

Dec. 15, 2019 - Feb. 5, 2020

Focus: Approval and/or endorsement of final draft vision, values and strategic goals by TRU governance bodies. Start of communications and marketing to launch vision, values and strategic goals to internal and external stakeholders.

Feb. 6 – April 30, 2020

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