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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Flags of TRU

At TRU, we are proud to be a destination for learners from near and far and wave the banners of our international students from over 100 countries and regions.

Entrance flags

  Where international flags fly

Five flags of the world fly in two clusters of three in front of the International Building along with the flag of Canada. They are changed in alphabetical order every month. A group of three flags behind the building includes Canada, British Columbia and the country of a visiting dignitary. Another world flag is at the entrance by the corner of Summit Drive and McGill Road, along with flags of Canada, British Columbia and Secwepemc.

IDays flag parade

  Flags at IDays

One of the components of IDays is the diverse display of flags (inside the Old Gym) representing our current international students. TRU’s students come from near and far, representing over 100 countries.

  Lowering the flags

The Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor arranges for the lowering of all flags at the passing of a member of the campus community in accordance with Policy ADM1-6. When this occurs, the information is distributed campus-wide by email and posted on this site.

» Past flag-lowering notifications

The flag of TRU

The flag is taken from the central element of the TRU coat of arms.

Flag of TRU

The blue field refers to the brilliant skies, lakes and rivers that envelope the region where Thompson Rivers University is located. The wavy circle around the sun represents the sacred circle of life, a central tenet in the First Nations’ belief systems. It also stands for the never-ending character of learning. Lastly, the wavy feature of the circle recalls that the university is located near a junction of several water sources vital to the First Nations in the region. The sun is a symbol of light and learning, a principal endeavour behind academic institutions.

The Secwepemc flag

Secwepemc flag

Located at the main campus entrance at McGill and Summit, the Secwepemc flag is proudly flown in recognition of TRU being on the traditional land of the Secwepemc People.

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