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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Guiding Principles

The Envision TRU process aims to be:


All comments posted on Thoughtexchange were accessible to anyone visiting the public Envision TRU website. Therefore, we asked that comments were always respectful, whether positive, negative or neutral. Key takeaways from Thoughtexchanges and all group discussions were posted to the website, usually at the close of each phase.


From our home in BC’s Interior TRU serves students on campus and online across BC, Canada, and the planet — and we wantED to hear from all of these regions. We provideD different ways to participate so people could pick whatever they’re most comfortable with. To maximize the diversity of this consultation people were invited to share information about who they are in written submissions, contributed comments in group discussions or Thoughtexchanges.

Shared Learning

To learn what people think and imagine about TRU we started by asking broader questions. Based on the key themes within the responses, we then moved to deeper and more focused questions.


To build an inspiring vision of where TRU needs to go, we first needed honest input on what we do well (and could do better) from anyone connected to or curious about TRU. Whether people participated online, in person or both, we were committed to making their experience easy, interactive, and meaningful.


Throughout this process we focused inward as well as outward. We sought input and insights from our own students, faculty and staff but also looked at data and external views — and identified directions that have practical, positive impact in the lives of students as well as external communities.


The Envision TRU website was the digital hub to learn about and sign up for upcoming discussions, read past results, review reference materials and check timelines. In keeping with our sustainability commitments this minimized printing as well as the need for multiple in-person meetings. Key takeaways from consultation sessions were posted to the website, usually at the close of each phase.

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