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Table Bookings


  1. Review the table booking guidelines
  2. Submit an online table booking request form
  3. Wait for a confirmation email

It is the responsibility of the people booking the tables to read and understand the table booking guidelines. Failure to abide by the rules or to observe the policies may result in tabling privileges being revoked.


  • A minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required for all table bookings (3 business days).
  • Groups may book as far as one semester in advance.
  • Bookings are limited to one (1) day per week, per group, per location, due to demand.
  • Tables bookings may be requested in Old Main, Campus Activity Centre and International Building.
  • Approval for table bookings is based on availability and the purpose of table booking requests.
  • The sale of items is not permitted unless authorized by Ancillary Services in advance.
  • Authorized groups must be able to produce their approved permit by having a copy at their table or available for viewing on an electronic device.
  • Permits are issued for the exclusive use of the permit holder and are not transferable.
  • Campus Security is authorized to remove any group not approved by TRU Ancillary Services or in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Groups are expected to adhere to all existing TRU policies and will not be in conflict with the goals and objectives of TRU and TRUSU.
  • Activities harmful to the enjoyment of the common area space (e.g. loud music, disorderly conduct) are not permissible.
  • No displays, materials or activities can interfere with pedestrian passage or the normal activities of the University.
  • Users are responsible for removing all materials from their table at the conclusion of their booking and must ensure the table is clean once the event is complete.
  • If your permit has been approved for Old Main, please note: you are not permitted to move or use any of the existing furniture located in front of Starbucks.
  • Bake Sales and distribution of food or beverage are on hold at this time to support TRU's return to campus safety protocols.
  • Please follow good hand hygiene.
  • Please follow proper sneeze/cough etiquette.
  • If you are sick, cancel your booking.
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