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On March 31, 2005, the Thompson Rivers University Act created three governing bodies for TRU: the Board, the Senate, and the Planning Council for Open Learning. The composition, powers and duties of each governing body are legislated by the Province of British Columbia in the Thompson Rivers University Act.

Elections are held each fall and winter to fill positions on the TRU governing bodies as necessary.

Winter 2018 Election Results

Electoral results for the following positions on the Board of Governors, the University Senate, the Planning Council for Open Learning and the TRU Community Corporation are provided below.

Board of Governors

Appointment term September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 | 1 year term

  • Two (2) student representatives
    Devin Griffin  Elected 189 votes
    Swagatam Majumder  Elected 184 votes
    Yogesh Gandhi  176 votes
    Shreya Patel  93 votes

University Senate

Appointment term: September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 | 1 year term

  • Four (4) student representatives
    Kourtney Cameron  Elected 192 votes
    Stephanie Tate  Elected 160 votes
    Deepinder Singh  Elected 159 votes
    Varun Kalia  Elected 153 votes
    Nicholas Warner  150 votes
    Devin Griffin  134 votes
    Vimaljeet Singh  122 votes
    Shreya Patel  92 votes
    Eunice Aniogbe - candidate withdrawn

Planning Council for Open Learning (PCOL)

Appointment term: September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019 | 1 year term

  • One (1) student representative
    Kourtney Cameron  Elected 221 votes
    Shawn Mountenay  120 votes
    Barry Wolfenden  39 votes

TRU Community Corporation (TRUCC)

  • One (1) student representative
    Jagmesh Randhawa  Elected by acclamation

For full details on eligibility, nomination, and voting criteria: Please see the ‘TRU Board, Senate and Planning Council Election Procedures’ document (January 25, 2010, Revised September 2014)

Proposed Meeting Times and Attendance (subject to change):

Meeting times for each governing body will vary and attendance is required. For meeting schedules, please see:

Historical Election Results

For more information, please email or call 250-828-5352