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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Voice, Tone and Style

Brands are like people. The TRU brand has a unique personality based on our values and attitudes, with distinctive characteristics—our brand attributes—that we use to describe ourselves. Voice, tone and style, along with the visual elements of our brand, express that personality.

We build the brand when our voice is consistent with our personality. Purposeful. Empowering. Collaborative. Open. Visionary. When our tone reflects our values and attitudes, adjusting to connect with each of our diverse audiences. And when what we write follows the same TRU style (from capitalization to inclusive language) across various media.

In all our written communications and everyday interactions—with current and potential students, with parents, alumni, community members, donors and others—how and what we say can help (or hinder) us to connect with these audiences. By following these guidelines, combined with on-brand photography, colours and typography, you’re telling our story consistently and authentically with every word.

Use these guidelines to help you write content for various audiences in all kinds of formats:

  • descriptions of programs or services
  • online and print ads
  • posters, flyers and CCTV slides
  • presentations and reports
  • media releases
  • emails and blog posts

Empower, inspire and transform

If you are writing general information about TRU, you don't need to start from scratch. See Talking about TRU for text about TRU's many paths to learning, our hands-on approach, and our supportive, inclusive environment.

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