Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Like colour, typefaces are important brand signifiers. The TRU brand includes primary typefaces, suitable for body copy, headlines and subheads, and a variety of voice typefaces, suitable for headlines in a range of tones for different audiences and contexts.

Primary Typefaces


Adelle helps to convey TRU’s open and collaborative brand personality. Adelle is suitable for use as body copy and for headlines and subheads in a variety of contexts.

Typography - Adelle

When Adelle is not available, use Roboto Slab Light.

Download Roboto Slab Light

Adelle Sans

Like Adelle, Adelle Sans is suitable for use as body copy and for headlines and subheads in a variety of contexts.

Typography - Adelle Sans

When Adelle Sans is not available, use Roboto Light.

Download Roboto Light


Using the primary fonts

Maximize readability and communicate as clearly as possible by following these guidelines:

  • keep headlines short
  • run type flush left, without justification
  • do not hyphenate

See Style for editorial style standards like capitalization, lists, punctuation and spelling.

Typography - Adelle Paragraph Style

Voice Typefaces

Every TRU student, faculty, staff and alumni has a voice. These voices bring diversity and together, they bring collective confidence. By using a collection of hand typefaces, we give our brand a human touch that feels collaborative and empowering. These typefaces were chosen for their range in tonality—a fine balance between youthful and mature, expressive and restrained.

Modern Brush

Youthful, bold, empowering and strong. Modern Brush is very confident. Its rough, brushy texture brings a lot of expressive character.

Typography - Modern Brush


More mature than the others, Origo’s quick handwritten look has a casual style, reminiscent of note-taking and grocery lists. It’s familiar while still having personality and originality.

Typography - Origo


Using the voice fonts

Maintain a consistent brand voice and maximize readability by following these guidelines:

  • use voice fonts only for headlines, not for body copy
  • keep headlines short
  • use two colours in a headline for emphasis if needed
  • vary type size in a headline for emphasis if needed
  • do not use two different voice typefaces in one headline
  • do not hyphenate

See Downloads for templates for PowerPoint presentations, posters, reports and CCTV slides, ready-made with the brand typography as well as colours and graphic elements.