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TRU Style Guide

This style guide provides consistency and clarity for TRU communicators and communications. It is not written in stone, so as our language evolves, the guide will be updated.

TRU's first and foremost style is Canadian Press (CP) style. CP is the most used and most frequently updated resource in Canada for language style: Canadian Press Stylebook, Canadian Press Caps and Spelling

For words not referenced by CP, use the Canadian Oxford dictionary

For Indigenous language, the Elements of Indigenous Style is the only reference book of its kind in Canada. TRU’s style guide draws from that book as well as consultations with Indigenous people from the community: Elements of Indigenous Style by Gregory Younging

For academic citations, use the MLA Handbook

All TRU communicators are encouraged to access or purchase CP Caps and Spelling, CP Stylebook, Canadian Oxford dictionary and Elements of Indigenous Style for easy reference.

Voice, tone and style

Along with style, tone and voice are part of TRU’s brand. Voice is our personality; tone is our sentiment. Find more details in the TRU Brand Guide.

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