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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Requesting Our Services

Step One: Submit your request

You submit your request to us, attaching all necessary content, details and approvals.

Step Two: We review your request

We follow up with you to clarify any details and for large or complex projects, develop a creative brief or communication plan in collaboration with you. You will be responsible for reviewing and signing off on the plan.

Step Three: Implementation and Sign Off

When creative development is complete, you sign off on the final creative product prior to submission to printers, posting online, etc.

Step Four: Project Debrief

Once the project is complete and data gathered on how well goals were met, we invite you to complete a Feedback Form to get your perspective on what worked well, what could have worked better, and what you see as next steps / opportunities for future planning.


Submit a Project

Approximate Timelines:

Simple projects: Such as posters, forms, CCTV slides: one to four weeks, depending on scope of request and departmental workload.

More complex projects: Such as promotion of a new event, program or service: two to twelve weeks, depending on scope of project and departmental workload.

Large scale initiatives: Such as undertaking an employee awareness campaign: two to 24 weeks, depending on scope of project and departmental workload.

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