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Photography is one of the most direct ways we connect with our diverse audiences. Imagery can instantly express our brand personality, and provide a window for audiences such as prospective students to see what university life is like at TRU. Authenticity is key.

When selecting or preparing to take photos, whether for use on the web or in print materials, follow these brand guidelines:

  • use natural lighting when possible
  • capture authentic moments by placing subjects in actual settings and having them engage in conversation or activity
  • when taking portraits, place subject in a compelling setting, use natural light if possible, and use eye contact
  • use selective focus to give a depth of field to imagery

Also consider your audience. Have you chosen photography that helps your intended viewer understand the story you're trying to tell? When using multiple photos, ask yourself, who might you be leaving out with your photo choices? With the right selection of photos, our audiences can see themselves here.

Remember, photography adds to the tone of your communications. To tell TRU's story in an authentic, consistent way, match the tone of your photos (and graphic elements) to your text.

The TRU brand uses two main types of photos: hero images, and secondary images including environments, details and tasks.

Hero images

Compelling, authentic, approachable and human, hero images showcase diversity through a range of people and situations.

  • hero_01
  • hero_02
  • hero_03
  • hero_04
  • hero_05
  • hero_06
  • hero_07
  • hero_08
  • hero_09
  • hero_10
  • hero_11

Places and tasks

Secondary images include environments, details, and tasks. Images can be used literally, practically, or metaphorically. They focus less on people, and more on tasks and environments.

  • places_01
  • places_02
  • places_03
  • places_04
  • places_05
  • places_07
  • places_08
  • places_09
  • places_10
  • places_11
  • places_06

Multi-photo layouts

In layouts which feature multiple photos, separate photos by a thin margin.

  • Multiphoto Layouts - 1
  • Multiphoto Layouts - 2

Contact us at if you’re thinking of doing a photo shoot—we can provide additional details to your photographer.

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