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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Booking BMO Student Street Banners

Clubs, campus groups and departments have the option to hang banners advertising their events or activities on BMO Student Street in Old Main.

Accepted banner materials: paper or vinyl. No other signage materials will be displayed.

How to book a banner

  1. Choose your dates: Use the table below to determine the most appropriate weeks to hang your banner. Booking date ranges are for one week starting on Mondays. Your banner can be posted for a maximum of two weeks. Exceptions can be made based on banner space availability.
  2. Choose your location: Five locations are shown in the graphic below. The table at the bottom of this page indicates which locations are available during your preferred dates. Also note the maximum banner sizes for each location.
  3. Show us your banner: We would really like to see what your banner looks like. Send us a PDF, photo or napkin drawing of your amazing creation!

Maximum banner dimensions

Location Size
1-4 Eight feet wide by four feet high
5 10 feet wide by 10 feet high
BMO Student Street Banner Map

BMO Student Street Banner Request

Locations and availability (x indicates that spot is booked)

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