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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Project Submission Form

About You

I have a story idea

I have an idea that might be good for social media, newsroom story or video.

TRU is teeming with stories. Sometimes they can be told with a social media post, with a great photo and brief description, with a longer newsroom story and/or in a video. Please read the information below and fill in the form so we can review your request. We can’t get to all stories, but we will do our best.

What is a story? It should:

  • Have impact. Who does it affect? How many people are involved? Is this story quirky, does it provide new information or insights?
  • Appeal to a wide audience. Who is interested — is there wide interest and, if so, how far? How many people would be interested in this information and why? Would retired grandparents living in downtown Kamloops care? What about someone in Vancouver?
  • Build TRU’s reputation/pride. Is the story about intriguing research, accomplishments (of students, faculty or staff), something unusual, is it inspirational, something that’s new or a first of its kind, of human interest or has a surprising twist?

Tell us your suggestion with as many details as you can:

I have a program information session

Program Information Session Request:

  • Timeline. At least five weeks lead time is required to set up and promote a program info session.
  • Presenting. Presenters need to have a TRU zoom account (can be a generic department account)
  • Contact. For more information, contact

Dates and Times 


What can prospects expect to get from the info session?
I have a web related update or request

I have a digital screen to submit

Thank you for submitting a digital slide! If your screen submission regards an event, we encourage you to submit your event details to our online event calendar at

Please follow these best practices when creating your slide:

  • Make your slide 1600 x 900 pixels.
  • Make your messages short and to the point.
  • 7 words or less is most effective.
  • Use TRU brand colours and font. Visit for details.
  • Use a short URL that's easy to remember.
  • Make main titles at least 80 pt type.
  • Keep your slide simple. More elements can add confusion.
  • Descriptions should have a font size of at least 30-35 pt.

I have a minor update to materials

All artwork created by MARCOM has a six digit serial number noted on the materials.

In hand date for deliverable(s).

I have a new and/or large project request

In hand date for deliverable(s)

What are you trying to achieve and why?

Tell us anything you think we need to know about your project.List specific items that you would like to be developed. Include details such as sizing.

If you have an existing project that needs updating, please provide a sample or the MC number. Remember to attach final text, images and other materials below so that we have all we need to get started.

Be aware that we won't be able to assign a designer, web strategist, or writer to your project until we have necessary information and materials in hand.

Who are you talking to? High school students, undergraduates, working professionals, parents; approximate age group; male/female; and geographic location? Include primary and secondary audiences, if appropriate.
Upload your files
Please upload any files we might need to complete the project such as Word documents, PDFs, samples of previous projects, or image files. If changes are required to a PDF file, use the built-in editing tools in Adobe Acrobat to indicate changes, and attach the edited PDF to your project submission.

Include all necessary pieces of information (written content, logos, photos, etc.)
Approval and Details

This person will act as the main point of contact for the project and be responsible for obtaining sign off.

I have received approval from my Dean or Director to proceed with this project.

I understand that I will require budget to cover costs to produce printed materials and to purchase advertising media.

What is your budget for this project?

Interviewee(s) Contact Information
List all people applicable.

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