Entrance Scholarships, Awards, & Bursaries


Undergraduate entrance scholarships and awards are available to applicants who:

  • are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and
  • are being admitted to a campus diploma or baccalaureate degree program, and
  • have not previously attended TRU, or who have completed up to 12 transferable university credits on a part-time basis (for scholarships), or are transferring to TRU (for awards).

Individual scholarships and awards have further requirements. A final admission decision is not required to apply.

To Apply
All applications for 2022 will be submitted through myTRU. References will be submitted separately to entrance@tru.ca. All scholarships and awards are applied for through a single general application, and applicants are automatically considered for all possible scholarships and awards. All applications must be received by the deadline (applications received after Mar 1 may only be considered for awards).

Writing Your Essay

All applications require an essay submission except for the President’s Entrance Scholarship. If you wish to only be considered for the President’s Entrance based on your grades, do not submit an essay.

We strongly recommend writing your essay in a separate document and adding it to your application through myTRU. Paste the finished essay into the application essay question.

Your essay should describe and elaborate on any areas of past leadership, service, and accomplishments such as positions or roles in student government, community and religious organizations, sports and athletics, music and art, clubs, and travel. Explain how your interactions with others in these activities have, and will continue to contribute to fostering TRU’s values of:

  • inclusivity and openness
  • community-minded interconnectivity
  • a curiosity that embraces new ideas and risks change
  • a sustainable approach to living

For more on TRU’s values and vision visit tru.ca/envision.

We are looking for both accomplishment and/or altruism. Please describe the nature and duration of each involvement. You do not need to explain or define familiar ongoing programs such as LINK and Leadership class other than noting your level of involvement.

Essays should be in the range of one to two pages (600 – 1200 words).

General Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

Application period: Dec 1 - Mar 1

TRU Undergraduate Entrance Awards

Application period: Dec 1 - Apr 1

TRU Undergraduate Entrance Bursaries

Deadline: May 31

TRU Assurance Bursary

Application period: Apr - May

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General Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

To be eligible, you must:

  • meet the minimum academic requirement of an 80% average based on grades in the best four academic Grade 12 courses including English Studies 12.

Deadline: March 1 (for scholarships only)

Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship

1 award valued at $30,000 (over four years, renewable)

The Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

TRU Ambassador's Entrance Scholarship

Minimum of 6 awards of up to $23,000 (equates to a four year degree of tuition & fees)

The Ambassador's Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

TRU Leadership Entrance Scholarship

Minimum of 15 awards of up to $5,000 each (applied to two semesters of tuition & fees)

The Leadership Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

TRU President's Entrance Scholarship

Minimum of 20 awards from $2,000 to $4,000 each (applied to two semesters of tuition & fees)

The TRU President's Entrance Scholarship recognizes student academic excellence based on admission averages in the top four Grade 12 academic courses, including an academic English (the equivalent Grade 11 academic subject will be used in each case where a Grade 12 course is in progress).

TRU Relocation Top-up Scholarship

15 awards valued at $500 each

These scholarships will be awarded to entrance scholarship recipients who live a significant distance from Kamloops and must re-locate in order to attend TRU.

TRU Undergraduate Entrance Awards

Over 40 awards of $2,000 to $4,000 each

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a new student* admitted to a campus-based bachelor's degree or diploma program.
  • *Applicants may have completed post-secondary study prior to starting at TRU, but cannot possess a post-secondary credential.

  • meet the minimum academic requirement of a 70% average in Grade 12 courses (all courses included). Similar Grade 11 courses may be substituted where Grade 12 courses are in progress. Where prior post-secondary has been completed, a 3.00 GPA (on the 4.33 scale) or equivalent is required.

Deadline: April 1

Preference will be given to applicants who are the first person in their family to attend university (first generation student).

Ten of these awards are regional and only available to students who have graduated from secondary schools within the TRU region,** but outside the city of Kamloops.
**The region will (approximately be bordered by Hope, Lytton, Williams Lake, Valemount, Golden and Vernon, but excludes secondary schools in the city of Kamloops.

TRU Undergraduate Entrance Bursaries

Awards range from $500 to $4,000

TRU has a very limited number of entrance bursaries available for resilient students entering a campus based undergraduate first credential who:

  • will study full-time (minimum 9 undergraduate credits per term), but
  • will face financial hardship even after accessing full-time government student loans & grants.

If you fit that profile, please request an application to be opened for you. Once we have opened an application, you can access the application using myTRU.

Deadline: May 31

TRU Entrance Awards

For a complete listing of all TRU entrance awards, including those applied for through SD#73 high schools, see the TRU Awards Guide. Select "Entrance Awards" in the "when the award is available" drop-down and then click the Continue button.

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