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Entrance Scholarships

Undergraduate entrance scholarships are available to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents who have not previously attended a college or university other than having completed up to 12 transferable university credits on a part-time basis.

Please note

  • Application for the primary Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships are made on the same general application form, all with a March 1 deadline.
  • The Regional Entrance Scholarships, the TRU Potential Entrance Awards, and the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships each have separate application forms, and all have an April 1 deadline.
  • Remember - SIGN THE APPLICATION FORM once you've completed the fillable pdf. Email the application and your essay and references to (the paper original is not required). You may also drop applications off in person.  If you use Canada Post, your application must reach us by the deadline.

Tips to help you get a head start

  • Review the application requirements. This will help you prepare your application and determine your eligibility.
  • Prepare a personal statement that introduces yourself and includes your educational goals (only one letter is submitted for all awards for which you are applying).  There is no minimum length, but statements for Ambassadors applications should be approaching two pages, while a Community Engagement application statement can be shorter.
  • Ensure it includes a comprehensive description of your extra-curricular activities and involvements:
    • Your letter and references must outline your leadership and service record, including areas such as student government, volunteer positions, community and religious organizations, sports and athletics, music and art, clubs, travel, etc. Essentially any activity which has developed your character, leadership abilities, goal orientation, and passion for learning are relevant.
    • We are looking for both accomplishment and altruism, and are interested in the impact of your activities on people and communities, which may not necessarily correspond to the volume of activities. Please describe the nature and duration of each involvement. You do not need to explain or define ongoing programs like LINK, Me to We, and Leadership class other than noting your level of involvement, as the adjudicators are well familiar with them.
    • Please see the application form for full eligibility requirements for each award.

General Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

Applicants must be enrolling in a TRU degree program or a two-year program. The minimum academic requirement is an 80% average in four  Grade 12 academic subjects including English 12 (Grade 11 academic subjects may also be used).

The following six scholarships are covered by the general application. Applicants are automatically considered for all six scholarships.

General Entrance Scholarship Application Form

Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship

Award of $30,000 (renewable over four years)

One award

The Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship recognize documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.  The recipient will meet all of the requirements for TRU undergraduate entrance scholarships.

Deadline: March 1

TRU Ambassador's Entrance Scholarship

Awards of approximately $22,000 (full standard undergraduate tuition & fees, renewable over four years)

Minimum of five awards

The Ambassador's Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects. Students offered this scholarship may also accept the responsibility of student leadership activities during the academic year.

Deadline: March 1

TRU Leadership Entrance Scholarship

Awards of $5,000 each

Minimum of 10 awards

The Leadership Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

Deadline: March 1

TRU President's Entrance Scholarship

Awards of $5,000 each

Minimum of 15 awards

The TRU President’s Entrance Scholarship recognizes student academic excellence based on admission averages in the top four Grade 12 academic courses, including an academic English (the equivalent Grade 11 academic subject will be used in each case where a Grade 12 course is in progress).

Deadline: March 1

TRU Community Engagement Entrance Scholarship

Awards of $2,000 each

Minimum of 15 awards

The Community Engagement Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

Deadline: March 1

TRU Relocation Entrance Scholarship

Awards of $500 each

14 awards available

These scholarships will be awarded to entrance scholarship recipients who live a significant distance from Kamloops and must re-locate in order to attend TRU. Consideration is automatic and no separate application is required.

Deadline: March 1

Other entrance awards & scholarships

TRU Potential Entrance Awards

Awards of up to $4,000

Five awards available

These awards are available to students entering any TRU program who demonstrate exceptional potential. Applicants will describe the vision of their future at TRU and how they wish to realize it. Applicants must elaborate on their past experiences and accomplishments which are indicative of their ability to unleash their untapped potential through a TRU education.

Potential Entrance Award

Deadline: April 1

TRU Regional Entrance Awards

Awards of $3,000

20 awards available

These awards are available to students graduating from secondary schools within the TRU region outside of the City of Kamloops.  Awards are given based on student involvement and service within their secondary school and/or their community, and require a 70% overall average in Grade 12.  Student must be admitted to a degree, diploma, or 8-month ladderable certificate.  Preference will be given to applicants who are the first person in their immediate family to attend post-secondary education (first generation student).  Awards will seek to achieve diversity in geographic areas and by TRU faculty & school.

Regional Entrance Award

Deadline: April 1

TRU Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Awards of $2,000 each

Up to 10 awards

These scholarships are available to students transferring from another college or university to complete a TRU campus-based baccalaureate degree. This award is based upon academic standing, and students must have been attending post-secondary in the previous year. After March 1, this application will continue to be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until July 31.

Transfer Scholarship

Priority Deadline: April 1

Final Deadline: July 31

TRU Entrance Awards - Comprehensive Listing

For a complete listing of TRU Entrance Awards, including those applied for through SD#73 High Schools, please view the TRU Awards Guide, and in the "When Award is Available" drop-down menu select "Entrance".

TRU MBA Entrance Award

Up to 15 awards per year

These awards are available for domestic applicants to the TRU MBA program. They will be awarded to applicants who show exceptional promise for success in and after their MBA studies and who enroll in a full-time course load.  Recipients will be selected based on their Application for Admission to the MBA program and will be notified by the program at the time of admission.

Ken Lepin Graduate Student Award

8 awards valued at $6000 each are available to students entering or continuing in TRU's Graduate Programs.

Ken Lepin Graduate Student Awards are available to financially help students who are entering their first or second year of a full-time graduate studies program for students studying on-campus or online. The awards will be given on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in course work, research, and will take into account leadership activities.

Deadline: August 15