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US Student Aid

US Loans

TRU has not sought Title IV designation with the US Department of Education, and is therefore not currently eligible for US direct student loans. In addition, US students attending foreign institutions are not eligible to receive Pell Grants as per US Department of Education regulations.

If you have dual US and Canadian citizenship, you may be eligible for government aid through the province in which you and/or your parents last resided.

Student Veterans - US Department of Veterans Affairs

If you or your parents served on active duty, you may be eligible for GI Bill education benefits.

Am I eligible?
All GI bill recipients must meet eligibility requirements outlined by the VA. You must apply to receive your benefit.

As TRU is considered a foreign school, there are some important things you need to know about how you will receive your funding.

How do I apply?
You have the option of completing a paper application or submitting an online application to the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Turn in your application to VA at least 90 days before you leave for school. Be sure you have enough money to cover all your needs until VA payments begin.

What documents are required from me to initiate the VA process with TRU?
If you are determined to be eligible for VA benefits, you will be issued a Certificate of Eligibility by VA. We will need the following:

  1. VA Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Full name, student #, and the number of credits you will be registering in during your Benefits Period (i.e. the term at TRU)
  3. A signed US VA Authorization for Release of information form (ask our office for form). You must give written permission for TRU to release information to VA as necessary. If you do not, it could affect when you get benefits.

What happens after TRU completes the VA Enrollment Certification (VA22-1999 Form)
Once you have registered in classes each term, TRU Student Awards & Financial Aid will complete the enrolment information on your VA Enrollment Certification form (VA Form 22-1999) and submit the completed form online to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

How does the VA benefits application process work at TRU?
A VA Enrollment Certification form is completed by TRU on a term-by-term basis. Your Benefits Period starts on the first day of classes for the term and ends on the last day of classes for the term. Please email to request a new VA Enrollment Certification to be completed by TRU for each term.

How do I receive my funding?
TRU tuition and fees are paid directly to TRU on behalf of the student when the school’s enrollment certification is processed.

Any housing allowance or additional funding will be sent to you directly by the VA.

Which programs are eligible for VA Benefits at TRU?
To find out which programs are currently approved for VA benefits through TRU, see Eligible TRU Programs. If you are interested in a program that is not on this list, please contact us to initiate a Program Proposal request to VA.

Which courses are not eligible for VA benefits through TRU?
Distance education and correspondence (online) courses are not eligible for Veterans Affairs benefits (at foreign schools such as TRU).

Audit courses are not eligible for VA education benefits.

What are my responsibilities once I receive VA benefits through TRU?

  • Be aware that academic progress and changes to enrollment status will be reported to Veterans Affairs by TRU, and subsequently may impact your Benefits eligibility
  • Contact Student Awards & Financial Aid right away if your enrollment changes or if you must withdraw, as a revised Enrollment Certification must be sent by us to VA
  • Be aware that VA Benefit rates are set by US Congress and may not cover the total cost of tuition and fees

Who can I contact if I need help with this information?
Contact Student Awards & Financial Aid at

How do I contact the VA about my benefits?
For applications and further information, you can contact the Buffalo Regional Office: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST) at 716-857-3196 or 716-857-3197.
Please Note: these phone numbers are not toll-free.

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