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Earn and Learn

Applications will open for the 2021-22 school year on August 25th in myTRU.  The online roster of positions indicates which positions will be open for application in late August.

WorkStudy is a TRU funded financial assistance program which offers an opportunity for Canadian students to work part-time on campus in positions that accommodate their studies.

Current Open Positions

Advantages of the WorkStudy program

  • Assists students in financial need with a regular source of income that does not add to their debt load.
  • Offers students training and experience that will assist them in further studies and their eventual entrance into the workforce.
  • Allows students to help staff and faculty with projects and initiatives that would otherwise not be completed.

About WorkStudy

 Do I qualify for WorkStudy?

Positions are available to university students who are 1) full-time, 2) Canadian citizens or permanent residents, 3) maintaining a satisfactory academic standing (2.00 Current GPA) and 4) who have demonstrated financial need via a student loan or bursary application.

 When is WorkStudy available?

The program runs in the Fall and Winter semesters only, with hiring starting at the beginning of September in the Fall and running until all budgeted positions are filled.

 What are the wages?

WorkStudy positions pay $15.20/hour, and are a maximum of eight hours per week (240 hours or up to $3,600 for the academic year). Please note that while most positions have flexible hours (which can work around exams and other academic deadlines), most positions also do not guarantee eight hours of work each week, so very few students would earn the maximum in a year. Consult with position supervisors on the probable hours before you accept any position.

 What kinds of jobs are available?

For a listing of positions currently available, please see the roster of positions above, updated almost daily from late August until hiring ceases.

 How do I apply?

The online application is available through your myTRU account in the Student Awards channel from late August until hiring closes, which is normally between the third and fourth months of the Fall semester.

 How do I know if my application has been approved?

Check the status of your application in the Student Awards channel in myTRU.  Once your WorkStudy application shows as Approved, your Eligibility Form will be emailed to you.

The WorkStudy program is provided as a need-based supplement to government student assistance, bursaries, and student and family resources.

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