Award FAQs


 How do I find out what scholarships and awards are offered at Thompson Rivers University?

Anyone can browse the entire awards inventory in the Awards Guide to see every scholarship, award and bursary offered.

 What awards am I eligible for?

Every award has different requirements. Some are based on your GPA or your program of study while others look at activities and financial need. Most awards only require a single general application through myTRU. Review the online criteria for awards that have requirements in the Description column, then apply for as many as you feel qualified for. Just make sure you highlight how you meet the criteria of each of the awards for which you are applying.

 I'm an international student — what awards are available to me?

As an international student, you are automatically considered for GPA based awards and awards that are selected by faculty. You are also eligible for Thompson Rivers University merit based awards. International students are not considered for awards that are based on financial need (bursaries).

 How do I apply for awards?

Apply using the Thompson Rivers University Awards online application through your myTRU account.

 Which award am I receiving, and how much is it?

During the adjudication process each semester, we're unable to provide any details until the overall adjudication is finalized.

 Who do I talk to about athletic awards I am expecting to receive?

If you are expecting to receive Athletic awards but have not yet been notified by our office, please contact either your coach or the Athletics office.

 How do external scholarships get applied to my student account?

External scholarships that are sent to Thompson Rivers University are applied directly to your student account - as long as you meet the criteria. Once the scholarship is applied to your account, it will reduce the amount of fees owing, Student Awards will issue you a cheque.

 Where do I go to get my Registered Educational Saving Program form (RESP) signed?

Scan and email your signed RESP form to The Student Awards & Financial Aid office is not authorized to complete these forms.

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