Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Emergency Funding

Emergency funding may be available to eligible students experiencing a financial hardship. Specifically, emergency funding is for students who 1) encounter an unforeseen financial crisis 2) resulting in a verifiable need 3) that will have a material impact on their ability to successfully complete their semester.

If you are facing unexpected financial distress or have had a significant change to your financial situation. Student Awards & Financial Aid has options available such as short-term loans or bursaries.

Students are required to have an interview with a Student Awards Advisor. Applications are available at the Student Awards & Financial Aid office.

 TRU Emergency Bridging Loan

Emergency Loans are intended to assist students who are experiencing temporary critical financial difficulty due to unforeseen circumstances and have no available options for securing short-term funds. Students must:

  • normally be in receipt of government student financial assistance
  • have a positive history of tuition payment at TRU
  • have an immediate cash flow shortfall, but be able to demonstrate how total educational and living costs for the semester can be met through available financial resources including savings, borrowing, awards, employment, and if needed the restructuring of expenses.

These loans are most often made available to students whose government student aid has been delayed to assist in meeting short-term living costs.

 TRUSU Emergency Bursary

The Students’ Union emergency bursary is available to currently enrolled TRUSU members who demonstrate need for assistance due to an unforeseeable and urgent financial crisis.

Emergency Bursary applicants must:

  • encounter an unforeseen financial crisis
  • have a verifiable need that will have a material impact on their ability to successfully complete their semester
  • demonstrate they have already accessed the various other forms of funding through Student Awards & Financial Aid

For additional details, please see the TRUSU Emergency Bursary

 Aboriginal Emergency Aid Fund

Funding has been provided by the Province of British Columbia for emergency relief funds to indigenous students attending British Columbia public post-secondary institutions in order to have a positive impact on retention and completion.

Bursaries valued up to $700 per qualified individual are intended to assist students at any stage in their TRU program with specific unforeseen costs (e.g. replacement eyeglasses, emergency travel, etc).

To apply please contact Aboriginal Services


Addressing funding challenges as early as possible could mitigate the burden and stress of trying to secure financial aid while also trying to cope with academic and other commitments. Emergency bursary approvals are case-specific; upon approval, financial assistance is provided as quickly as possible in response to the situation.

Contact Student Awards & Financial Aid to schedule a confidential advising appointment with an Awards Advisor. We will be able to assess your financial situation and explore temporary emergency funding options.

Understanding and managing your finances wisely is an important part of being a university student. A budget is a simple way for you to organize and manage your money to ensure that it lasts for your entire academic year.  The Budget Calculator is a free tool provided to assist students in the budgeting and planning of finances.

Try it and remember it is only as accurate as the information you provide.

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