Financial Advising

Due to staffing changes, we are currently offering only limited advising for urgent needs with obtaining loan funding or bursaries in Fall 2021. We anticipate offering again our full range of advising on financing your education toward the end of the fall semester. Thank you for your patience.

Questions and Answers

Meet with a Student Awards Advisor

Do you:

  • Have questions about student loans, grants and scholarships?
  • Avoid budgets and need help to put your finances in order?
  • Have questions about WorkStudy? Or how to appeal a student loan assessment/decision?

These and other questions should be discussed with a Student Awards Advisor.

Contact us for an appointment

Unsure whether to see an Academic or Student Awards Advisor?
Please consult first with a member of our front line team, who can often assist students with most routine matters.

Financial questions beyond the scope of our services:

For questions about:We suggest you contact:
Credit/debt management The Credit Counselling Society of BC or other credit/debt management specialists
Taxes Canada Revenue Agency for detailed information
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