Other Canadian Provinces & Territories

The Canada Student Loans program defines a student's province of residence for the purposes of full-time assistance as "the last province lived in for 12 consecutive months as a non full-time student" or if the student has immigrated within the last year, the province in which they landed.  For dependent students, their province of residence is determined by their parents.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents who do not qualify as residents of BC may apply for full-time government loans and grants for study at TRU through the province of which they are considered to be residents. Based on the above definition, apply for government student assistance through your home province/territory below:

  • Alberta Flag


  • Saskatchewan Flag


  • Manitoba Flag



  • Ontario Flag


  • Quebec


  • New Brunswick

    New Brunswick

  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island

  • Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

    Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Yukon


  • Northwest Territories

    Northwest Territories

  • Nunavut


Do you have an approved government student loan?

Government student loan piggy bank

If your student loan is approved before the start of classes, a portion of your loan will be paid directly to TRU. The portion paid to TRU will be automatically deducted and applied to your student account, paying all or some of your balance owing for the semester.

If you have an approved student loan, do not pay your tuition until the portion of your loan directed to TRU has been applied to your student account.


  • The loan amount directed to TRU is based on your total balance due to TRU, as shown on myTRU, as of one week before your classes start.
  • Once the loan has been applied to your account, it is your responsibility to pay outstanding tuition and fees (if any) before your specific fee payment deadline.
  • Adding classes during the add/drop period will impact your student account balance and will not be paid by your student loan.
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