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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Full-time/Part-time Status

For Student Loan Purposes: Full-Time or Part-Time status
For the following five programs:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Education (M.Ed)
Master of Environmental Economics & Management (MEEM)
Master of Science in Environmental Economics & Management (MScEEM)
Master of Nursing
Core Courses

FT = 6 Credits

PT = 5 Credits or less
Course-Based Completion Option

FT = 6 Credits

PT = 5 Credits or less
Paper/Project/Capstone/Thesis Completion Option

FT = Enrolment in one of the Completion option courses

PT is not available while in any of the Completion courses
For students with an approved permanent disability, a four credit course load is the required minimum for full-time. Therefore in increments of 3-credit courses, this still requires a 6-credit course load to be full-time.
For the following program:
Master of Science in Environmental Science (MScENSc): FT= Enrolment in Program – PT is not available for this program
Course Load Reference
Undergraduate Credits % of a Full Load
(when completed in a 4-month semester)
15 100%
12 80%
9 60%
6 40%
3 20%

Full-time student/studies
A student is considered to be full time for government student loan & grant purposes when enrolled in at least 60 percent of a full undergraduate course load (40 percent for students with permanent disabilities) for at least 12 weeks and leading to a certificate, diploma or degree. All of the credits must be completed within the same four month semester or the course load percentage is diminished and the credits may be considered part-time.

Note: Prior learning assessment is ineligible for government student loan funding as it is an assessment process, not a formal course or program of study. Costs associated with the prior learning assessment process (i.e., the assessment) are not allowable costs, and courses for which prior learning assessment credit has been granted may not be used to determine full-time enrolment for government student loan funding.

 Upgrading/University Preparation/Adult Special Education

Adult Upgrading/University Preparation and Adult Special Education courses are not post-secondary and therefore their credits do not count toward the course load required for government student loans or post-secondary/undergraduate scholarships, awards, or bursaries.

Adult Upgrading/University Preparation & Adult Special Education courses start with a 0. Examples are:
CHEM 0500
ENGL 0500
MATH 0510

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