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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Visiting International Research Students

TRU welcomes international visiting research students from around the world. TRU faculty members conduct research in a number of fields and each year host students to assist with this work. As an international visiting research student, you are not able to attend classes.

International research students can enroll throughout the year but we encourage students to follow the semester structure if possible. If students wish to stay in campus housing, the summer semester is the best option.

Admissions requirements

  • You must be registered as an international student.
  • You must be registered at your home university and be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • You must conduct research at TRU from one to 12 months.
  • You must have received approval from your home university.

Find a TRU supervisor

It is the responsibility of the international research students to find and connect with an appropriate supervisor at TRU.

» Learn more about TRU research priorities and find faculty members.

Application process

You should begin the admission process a minimum of 12 weeks before the start of your research stay. This will allow you to acquire a study permit, if necessary, and accommodation.

Visa processing time varies by country. » Check processing times.

  1. Fill out the visiting research student application form and get appropriate signatures.
  2. Fill out the international visiting research student application.
  3. Receive letter of admission, access your myTRU and pay fees.
  4. Apply for appropriate travel document. Students engaged in research lasting six months or longer require a study permit. Students engaged in research lasting less than six months may complete their research under visitor status with a temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization, depending on citizenship.
  5. Arrive at TRU. Connect with the TRU Study Abroad office for arrival check in.


TRU cannot help with housing on campus for visiting research student outside of the summer semester from May to September. » Learn more

Guard Me

As a visiting research student, you will be enrolled in Guard.ME insurance. » Learn more


» More information here

Work in Canada

You will be considered as a full time student with TRU and can therefore work while in Canada. » Learn more

Faculty responsibilities

The role of the supervisor varies depending on the nature of the research and the arrangement between the student and the professor.

Student selection

It is the responsibility of the TRU host professor and/or department to determine the qualifications of prospective students to undertake research. Study Abroad reviews applications for basic eligibility, but we do not assess students’ academic history or English language ability.

Provide a workspace and appropriate access to departmental facilities

International visiting research students should have a reasonable space to undertake their research. Upon arrival, the student will be able to obtain a student card if needed to access facilities.

Mentorship and accessibility

Accessible to the student for consultation and discussion of the student’s academic progress and research. The frequency of meetings will vary according to the discipline, stage of work, nature of the project, independence of the student, full- or part-time status, etc.

Discuss mutual expectations, deadlines and forms of communication

The host supervisor should discuss mutual expectations with the student and define a research plan.

Departmental and safety orientation

Ensure your student is introduced to relevant students, staff and faculty in your lab, or department and provide the student with relevant safety training.

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