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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Step 2: Application

Once a student has been nominated and confirmation has been received, the student can start the online application on Horizons. See Horizons step by step process.

All application steps must be completed within 2 weeks of confirmation:

  • Program Information
  • Biographical information- student general
  • Official transcript
  • Language Proficiency test results (if required)
  • Learning agreement (including Course Selection)
  • Medical Insurance

Consider the following information to apply:

 Language Proficiency

All students whose first language is not English must meet the TRU Language Proficiency requirements. If no official evidence is provided, the student will be required to complete an English Language Proficiency (EPT) test on arrival. Students will not be guaranteed OR registered into requested classes until the English Language Proficiency (EPT) test has been completed.

Students may meet this condition by either providing an acceptable English language proficiency test score (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) or by achieving an acceptable score on the TRU English Placement Test (EPT). If students do not provide a test score in advance, they will be tested on arrival and their course placement decisions will be made at that time.  Recommended to complete acceptable tests prior to arrival to improve course selection options, however this is not mandatory.

Japanese English Language Proficiency Test — STEP - TRU will consider the STEP First Grade for direct entry into academic programs. We will also consider STEP Pre-First Grade Level as equivalent to TOEFL 500+ for placement purposes.

 Course selection

Go to the campus course schedule and find the courses available in Kamloops.

  • Select a Term to study at TRU:
    • Winter 23-- (Jan-Apr),
    • Fall 23-- (Sep-Dec).
    • DO NOT select any term with OL Division (View Only).
  • Click the Continue grey button.
  • Search broadly or narrowly.
  • Search topic for example: biology, marketing, human resources event management.
  • Click on the Search grey button.
  • Selected Term as instructed above

Students can click on the Title link to open a Class Detail form, which provides specific details for Course Description, Syllabus, Co requisites, and Prerequisites along with credit hours and credit value.

The Study Abroad Office will do a review of all course selections before submitting the documents to the International Admissions office. All recommendations provided back to the student directly regarding course selections are made based on availability and pre-requisite.

IF all required documents are provided and in order, the application will be sent to the International Admissions office for processing.

A letter of acceptance will then be sent to the student with other supporting documents by mail.

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