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Thompson Rivers University
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Safety Abroad

Your Safety Abroad

TRU recognizes the opportunity to travel, study and work abroad is one of the greatest privileges a student can enjoy. To support you for a safe and healthy experience, the following information and Pre-departure session is available to guide you to prepare. It is important to recognize "things do happen" when traveling, and in any case of emergency, you want to have the information in advance to support decision making and smart choices.

Before You Go

The Pre-Departure program is an integral part of your international learning experience and is designed to help you in your personal, academic and administration preparation.

Who needs a Pre-Departure: Every student who is going on an international experience (including the USA) will need to complete a Pre-Departure session, along with the required registry information as per the Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel Policy.

The Pre-Departure program is designed to:

  • Help you develop realistic tasks and goals before you go
  • Help ease anxiety and better understanding of international burearcacy 
  • Equip you with tools and mindsets that will help you on the trip
  • Completion of student registry materials

Study Abroad 

To support all participants in their preparations to study, work and travel abroad, the Study Abroad Centre provides a blended learning workshop which is mandatory and includes:

  1. On-line pre-departure and intercultural modules in Moodle:
  2. Face-to-face workshop

Information students will receive:

  • Intercultural Preparedness
  • Student responsibilities and checklists: travel logistics, health and medical along with academic requirements
  • Risk Management
  • Ready, Set, Go Workshops led by Study Abroad Ambassadors

All undergraduate students taking part in a TRU sanctioned international activity are required to participate in the online Pre-departure workshop as part of their Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel Policy requirements.

Additionally, this checklist will guide the student before going abroad.

For all other questions, contact the office

Field School

The Study Abroad Centre delivers a Pre-Departure workshop which is coordinated with the faculty leading the Field School. The Field School Pre-Departure workshop complies with the Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel Policy with topics related to:

  • Intercultural Preparedness
  • Risk Management
  • Student Responsibilities

The following forms and documents need to provided to the Study Abroad Centre approximately 2 - 3 weeks before the field school trip departure for approval: 

  1. Travel Forms for Individual Participants  
  2. Field School Risk Management TRIP PLAN

The International Field School Faculty Guide is a resource to assist faculty who are looking to develop new or offer existing “faculty led group” study abroad programs: commonly known as “international field schools”. This guide presents a snapshot of TRU processes, procedures, policies and administrative infrastructure, along with an overview of available resources to support international field schools offered at TRU. Please send an email to to request a copy.

Off-Campus Safety and Travel

Download the Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel Policy

The Study Abroad Centre functions as a centralized registry and resource for student travelers, activity leaders, and heads of units related to international travel at TRU. Depending on your university status, your destination and the activity itself, you may be required to receive approval and complete a full risk assessment.

Participants are required to be approved by a TRU representative, and attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Risk Management Seminar led by the Study Abroad Centre to inform student travelers about health and safety issues.

To assist TRU Supervising Faculty, Coordinator, and/or Group Leader, here is a Checklist to download detailing the approval process, paperwork and communication to students. To ensure no delays with approval signatures, please have all documentation submitted as a package, approximately two to three weeks prior to departure to the TRU Study Abroad Centre, located in IB3000. 

The following forms and steps need to be completed and provided for out-of-country activities:

  1. Risk Assessment and Planning/Approval Form
  2. Student Travel Abroad Registry (STAR)
  3. Student Forms – completed by each participant  - witnessed by Faculty. NOTE: if students will be driving in the country they are visiting a Driver Information Form must be completed and included wit hthe Student Forms.
  4. The Study Abroad Office will coordinate with the students a Pre-Departure Risk Management Seminar
  5. All forms must be submitted to the Study Abroad Centre a minimum of two to three weeks prior to departure 


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