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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

About: Institute for Wildfire Science, Adaptation and Resiliency

About the institute


The wildfire institute advances science and knowledge innovation in climate change research related to wildfire, builds partnerships to facilitate knowledge translation and mobilization, and explores the social, economic, environmental and cultural consequences.


The wildfire institute integrates existing knowledge with new research to advance understanding of the changing nature of wildfires, develops innovative ideas, translates knowledge and builds capacity in the prediction of, response to and consequences of wildfire. The institute operates on a global scale while remaining community minded.


Research at the wildfire institute is initially concentrated on a diverse, collaborative program investigating wildfires, drought and climate change. As the institute evolves, research will expand to address new and emerging research questions.

Current research themes include climate change, fire management, weather, drought, ecology and landscape ecology, emergency management, dendrochronology, restoration, vegetation regeneration, predictive AI, machine learning, disturbance dynamics, transdisciplinary knowledge synthesis, and sociocultural and economic impacts of climate change.

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