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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Undergraduate Research Certificate

Calling all Undergraduate Researchers!

You already put in time and effort honing your skills, making mistakes, and growing into lifelong learners. So why not showcase your knowledge in a shareable e-portfolio and graduate with an additional certificate? You’ve already put in the hard work, it’s time to giftwrap it, we’ll even provide ready-made templates to put it in! What are you waiting for?

The Undergraduate Research Certificate is:
  • Earned in tandem with any undergraduate degree at TRU
  • Formally noted on your TRU transcript
  • Acknowledged at Convocation ceremony
  • Showcasing your hard work and accomplishments
Recognizing Undergraduate Research at TRU

The Undergraduate Research Certificate allows students to earn formal recognition for their undergraduate research experiences. This will provide students with an additional credential to present to employers and/or graduate schools or professional programs.


As part of the Undergraduate Research Certificate students will need to complete an E-portfolio containing evidence of meeting standards, as well as a reflective essay. The portfolio must include the following sections:

  1. Introduction (300 word-count)
  2. Evidence of Meeting the five standards
    1. Understanding the research process
    2. Evaluating existing research on a topic of the student’s choosing
    3. Applying disciplinary research methods appropriately
    4. Analyzing and drawing conclusions
    5. Engaging in knowledge mobilization
  3. Reflective Essay (max 1000 word-count)


The UGR certificate is offered jointly by the Counselling, Academic Support & Assessment (CASA) and Student Research & Public Engagement. For more information please contact the the Student Research office ( with the "Undergraduate Research Certificate" in the subject line.


We understand and respect that as an undergraduate student your time is valuable, and you are only able to take on so much. That is why we have made achieving the UGR certificate as inclusive as possible with 1-page and 3-page TRUBOX template that streamlines your e-portfolios. We have also provided the grading rubrics and course outline for understanding what the deliverables for achieving the UGR certificate and by enrolling in RESL 1500 you will have access to our Moodle course to support you along the way.

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