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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Mentoring Student Research

TRU offers many opportunities for mentoring student research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. While research is generally considered to be an important part of a graduate level education, the evidence for the benefits of research at the undergraduate level is mounting. High-impact activities such as research ensure students are engaged and, consequently, successful.

Undergraduate Student Research Mentorship

The U-REAP program offers an excellent opportunity to mentor an undergraduate student in his or her research. Responsibilities include assisting the student with the development of a scholarly research project, mentoring on methodology and research design, and providing support and mentorship throughout the progression of the research project. U-REAP Supervisors also liaise with the research office to ensure acquisition of ethics certification, payment of scholarship installments and quality of final research report.

Graduate Student Supervision

The responsibilities of a graduate student supervisor are outlined in the TRU Faculty Guide to Graduate Student Supervision. This document describes the responsibilities of a TRU graduate student supervisor, the stages of the graduate student research or scholarship experience, and the role the supervisor can play in mentoring the student through each of these stages. If you would like to be approved as a graduate student supervisor, please submit your CV with a letter addressed to the Graduate Studies Committee to your Dean and Graduate Program Chair.

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