Strategic Research Plan

SRP 2015

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Pathways to Scholarly Achievement

Research and creation are the heart and soul of a university. They inform who we are and why we do what we do as teachers, scholars, students, support staff and administrators. Our official Strategic Research Plan (SRP) serves as a blueprint for research for the next five years. The plan, which received approval by the TRU Board of Governors on Feb. 13, 2015, was informed by faculty and student surveys, a community advisors group, a focus group, departmental consultations and three town hall meetings.

While TRU encourages research in all disciplines, the plan identifies the five key areas of collaborative excellence and emerging strength, all of which reflect the university's overall research strengths:

  • Education, Health and Diversity
  • Community and Cultural Engagement
  • Sustainability, Environment and the Physical World
  • Aboriginal Understanding, and
  • Technology and Optimization

Special thanks goes out to the committee members who made the development of the Strategic Research Plan possible. They include:

  • Anne Lavack – School of Business and Economics
  • Brenda Mathenia – University Librarian
  • Brian Lamb – Open Learning
  • Dixie Smeeton – Graduate Student
  • Francy Hayward – Thompson/Nicola/Cariboo United Way
  • Gloria Ramirez – Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Development
  • Kellee Caton – Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism
  • Lauchlan Fraser – Faculty of Science and Canada Research Chair in Community and Ecosystem Ecology
  • Matthew Reudink – Faculty of Science
  • Nathan Matthew – Executive Director, Aboriginal Education
  • Rod McCormick – Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Development & BC Regional Innovation Chair in Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health
  • Roger Yu – Faculty of Science
  • Susan Duncan – School of Nursing
  • Tina Block – Faculty of Arts
  • Troy Fuller – Manager, Research Services
  • Will George – Undergraduate Student
  • Will Garrett-Petts – Chair, AVP Research and Graduate Studies
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