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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Strategic Research Plan

Strategic Research Plan 2022-2027

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TRU’s new 2022-27 Strategic Research Plan articulates the key challenge areas where we will strive to make significant contributions during the next five years:

  1. Understanding and responding to changing climate, its consequences for our environments (built, natural, social), and pursuing sustainable solutions;
  2. Contributing to greater social cohesion and sense of belonging through a commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility;
  3. Strengthening health, quality of life, and cultural sustainability in our local and regional communities;
  4. Advancing technological, social and economic development and innovation that improves people’s lives; and,
  5. Seeking truth, reconciliation, and rights through Indigenous-led research and capacity building.

Special thanks go out to the committee members who made development of the Strategic Research Plan possible.

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