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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Public Accessibility

The University: The university stores and makes publicly available all TRU theses as a visible and permanent measure of the quality of scholarship of the student and graduate program. Students must sign a licensing agreement, upon completion, allowing the university to share their thesis through the institutional repository, TRUSpace.

TRUSpace non-exclusive license form

The Library and Archives Canada Thesis Canada Portal: A copy of the completed thesis is uploaded by PDF through the Library and Archives Canada Theses Canada Portal. Final copies of the thesis can only be submitted by the university in PDF format. Students must sign a licensing agreement upon completion of the final draft to allow the university to submit their completed thesis on their behalf. If a patent is pending or if a thesis or dissertation contains sensitive or restricted information, the university may place an embargo on the document, delaying its submission to Theses Canada. Restricted or embargoed theses or dissertations are to be submitted to Library and Archives Canada only after the embargo period has ended. Such arrangements should be discussed with the thesis supervisor, AVP RGS, and university legal counsel. No personal identity information may be included in the final draft submitted to the Library.

While the thesis remains under full copyright to the student, license forms which release it to TRU and to the Library and Archives Canada should normally be signed upon final submission.

Library and Archives Canada non-exclusive license form

Providing the thesis to the TRU Library constitutes publication of the thesis under Canadian law. All students and faculty members should be aware of this and ensure that subsequent publications properly cite the work. If you are concerned about whether publication through the TRU Library or Library and Archives of Canada will negatively impact the ability to publish the thesis commercially you are advised to contact potential publishers in advance.

Library and Archives Canada, Information for student
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