Post-Award Grant Administration

Congratulations! You've received a notice of award.

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Use Romeo to upload your proposal and notice of award.



Identify whether your research needs certifications from the Animal Care Committee, the Research Ethics Board or the Biohazard Committee.



If you don't need approvals, the Research Office sends a release-of-funds email to Finance.



If you need approvals, you must apply for certification through Romeo before funds can be released.


Account set-up

Finance creates a research account and the primary investigator receives an email to activate the account and is able to access it through FAST in myTRU.


Conduct research

Please consult the Tri Agency Financial Administration Guide for eligible expenses. Tri-agency grant holders should apply to the TRU Research Training Recognition Fund for course release.



Paul Archer, Manager of HR Solutions and Analytics: 6338 or

  • Research assistants
  • Research fellows
  • Post-doctoral fellows

Please read this information on hiring and recruiting employees.


Eric Vandermeulen, Procurement Services: 7165

Please check the Purchasing Guide for information on purchasing guidelines including PSA, P Cards, Vehicle and hotel rental, PD funds, CFI budget, and time lines for complex purchase. If you are not sure, it is advisable to check with Susanne Cross (5385) before purchasing anything.

Research Accounting

Mae Romero, Research Accountant: 5606

For petty cash payments refer to the finance manual

Regulations are very different for domestic and international travel. Check the Travel Handbook for information.

Peggy Shum: 1-855-409-5549
Contact before booking international travel

Steve Pottle, Director of Risk Management: 5458
Contact for information on international travel insurance or risk management for travel

Computer hardware and software purchase

Rita Hodge, IT Client Services: 6326


Elizabeth Rennie: 5775

TRU Space (institutional repository for open access publication)

Research Grants 

Anita Sharma, Manager, Research Services: 8439
Megan Prins, Research Grants Development Officer: 5962

For Romeo related inquiries regarding award setup.

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