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Thesis Procedures

Here are the steps you need to take for your thesis:



Student meets regularly with the supervisor and supervisory committee to monitor progress.

Note: Progress reports are not required for the student’s file in Research and Graduate Studies, but copies sent for information are accepted.

Form: Graduate Student Progress Report


No later than the beginning of the final semester of the program

Program coordinator approves thesis proposal and files it with Research and Graduate Studies.

Form: Thesis Proposal Approval

Requirements: PDF of proposal | PDF of thesis abstract


At least three months prior to the proposed defence date

Supervisor identifies an external examiner for approval by Research and Graduate Studies.

Program coordinator formally invites proposed external and sends him/her a copy of the thesis and the External Examiner’s Report form.

Program coordinator submits completed External Examiner Nomination form and forwards the original with a copy of the proposed external examiner’s CV to Research and Graduate Studies.

External examiner confirms participation in defence.

Program coordinator forwards confirmation of defence participation to Research and Graduate Studies.

Note: The defence date is not confirmed until the external examiner returns the report and validates that the thesis is ready to defend.

Program coordinator submits Request for Thesis Defence form to Research and Graduate Studies.

Forms: External Examiner Nomination Form | Request for Thesis Defence

Requirements: CV of proposed external | Sample memo available


At least six weeks prior to the defence

The thesis is approved by the supervisory committee and circulated to the external examiner.

Program coordinator sends PDF of thesis to external examiner with External Examiner’s Report form. Copies of correspondence are sent to Research and Graduate Studies.

Form: Request for Thesis Defence

Requirement: PDF of thesis (final draft)


At least two weeks prior to the defence

The thesis is approved by the external examiner.

External examiner returns report and defence date can be confirmed.

Form: External Examiner Report


At least one week prior to the defence

Programs will send out announcements of all thesis defences to the TRU community.


Defence date

The examining committee assesses the thesis and its defence.

Program coordinator brings a copy of the Thesis Defence Report form to be completed by all committee members and according to instructions. Form is submitted to Research and Graduate Studies after all approvals are in place.

Form: Thesis Defence Report


Following the defence

Program coordinator ensures all closing documents, including any printed copies of the thesis for binding, be submitted as a package to Research and Graduate Studies in a timely fashion, along with a PDF version of the final thesis.

Note: Programs are responsible for organizing any bound copies, if desired; the cost for binding is paid for by either the student or the individual program.

Program coordinator ensures all closing forms are complete and forwarded to Research and Graduate Studies in a timely fashion.

Forms: Graduation Approval | TRUSpace Non-Exclusive License

Requirements: PDF of final thesis | Hard copies of final thesis for binding

Other forms you may need:

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