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Thompson Rivers University
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Final Grades

6. Final Grades

Refer to the full policy on our website.

  • Grading Systems - TRU Policy ED 3-5

6.2 University of Victoria

  1. Final Grades for TRU-OL courses delivered by UVic are assigned by the delivering institution and appear on the TRU transcript. A "DNC" (Did Not Complete) grade is assigned for courses that have not been completed.

6.3 Grade Point Average (GPA)

  1. The grade point average (GPA) is a means of expressing the student's performance. For programs offered by TRU-OL, GPAs are used only for determining whether or not a student has met graduation requirements and in the selection for some awards. The GPA of a group of courses is calculated by determining the grade point value for each course, multiplying the course credit value by the numerical equivalent of the grade, then adding up all the grade point values and dividing by the total number of course credits.

    PLAR credit is not used in the GPA calculation.

  1. Where more than one attempt at courses deemed equivalent and used to fulfill program requirements has been made, the course with the higher grade is chosen for purposes of the GPA calculation.

6.4 Transcripts

  1. An official transcript is a copy of a student's detailed permanent record that bears the Registrar's signature on security paper. After completing a course, the student's grades are available via myTRU. Students may order official transcripts by accessing myTRU or by completing and submitting the Transcript Request form.

  1. Official transcripts are not issued for any student who is in debt to TRU.

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