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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

TRU Start BC

This unique program enables "Dual Credit" courses to be offered to BC secondary students through distance delivery by Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL).

Students successfully completing one or two Dual Credit Course(s) will receive one or two elective courses towards their Dogwood credential, as well as one or two university credit course(s) with Thompson Rivers University (TRU).

This allows students to:

  • Experience areas of post-secondary studies, while remaining within the safety of the secondary school support system.
  • Experience post-secondary training, tuition free (if a school district chooses to pay for the student's tuition costs).
  • Earn dual credit for each course (3 TRU credits and 4 Ministry of Education credits for each TRU Start BC course).
  • Enjoy the benefits of TRU faculty-supported instruction.
  • Enhance their resume by demonstrating commitment to education, time management skills and direction.
  • Experience the world of e-learning and begin to build the foundations for life-long learning.

Contact your Transitions Coordinator/Guidance Counsellor to complete the full application.

TRU Start BC Application