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Exams FAQ

Where do I write my exam?

You can write your exam in person at any of the Canadian Invigilator Network (CIN) exam centres. 

I passed my exam but didn’t complete the assignments. Do I get a final grade?

If you passed your exam but did not submit all of your assignments, you receive your final grade approximately one month after the course completion deadline. Let your Open Learning Faculty Member know if you plan not to submit all your assignments. If you require more time, apply for an 18-week extension prior to the course completion deadline.

If you did not pass your exam, you can re-register by phone through Student Services.

If I didn't apply for an exam session by the course end date, what can I do?

If the course is eligible for an extension, request and pay for a course extension by using the Course Extension Request form, or re-register.

You are allowed one extension per eligible course and cannot cancel your registration in or withdraw from a course that has been extended. Also, a course extension disqualifies the course for student loan purposes, regardless of your final grade.

When are the next Open Learning supervised final exam sessions?

See the Open Learning Examinations Schedule.

If I fail the exam, may I rewrite it?

Rewrites of failed exams are not allowed. You can register again in the course and write the exam. You may not use a course extension to rewrite the examination.

Your original grade and your second grade appear on your transcript, but you receive credit only once.

Rewriting examinations is not always possible for group delivery students. Contact Student Services for information.

There are no supplemental examinations for courses delivered by Open Learning.

When can I write my exam for a course delivered by Open Learning?

You can write your exam during any examination session that falls prior to your course completion date. Here is a link to the Open Learning Examinations Schedule. Students will then be assigned a date and time for their exam that falls within the session they have chosen.

How should I prepare to write a supervised examination?

You should complete your assignments in order and submit them to your Open Learning Faculty Member as you complete them (several weeks before the final examination). Normally, your course materials provide examination preparation advice, and you may borrow helpful materials through the TRU Library.

Contact your Open Learning Faculty Member for more advice.

Am I scheduled automatically to write my exam if I have a course extension?

No, you are not automatically scheduled. You must still submit an exam application for the session you have chosen.

How and when will I receive confirmation of my scheduled examination stating the date, time and location of the exam?

Approximately 10-14 days before your selected examination session, Open Learning sends you an examination confirmation notice by email stating the date, time and location of your examination.

You also receive a list of acceptable materials you may take to your examination session.

If you have not received your confirmation notice 10 days before the examination session, contact the Examinations Department.

Phone 250.852.7000 (Kamloops) or 1.800.663.9711 (toll-free in Canada)

If I have written my exam, may I rewrite it during my extension period?

No, you may not write the examination again during your course extension. It will be necessary for you to register in the course again in order to write the exam again.

Do I have to rewrite the exam if I repeat a course?

Yes. Examination marks are not carried forward from one registration to the next.

Normally, you may repeat a course only once. Both your original grade and your second grade appear on your transcript, but you will only receive credit once.

Can I change my examination centre after I have applied to write the examination?

Contact the Examinations Department to transfer your application.

Phone 250.852.7000 (Kamloops) or 1.800.663.9711 (toll-free in Canada)

You may request a transfer from one examination centre to another 14 days prior to the scheduled starting date of the examination session.

Changes from one lower mainland centre to another are not permitted after the application deadline.

I require special arrangements to write my examination because of a disability. Who do I contact?

Contact the Accessibility Services Office as soon as possible.

Phone 250.828.5023 (Kamloops) or 1.888.828.6644 (toll-free in Canada)

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